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Nurse Residency Program supports new nurse graduates by building on the knowledge and skills obtained in their nursing undergraduate program, assisting with the transition into their new professional roles.

Nurse Residency Program

Built on an evidence-based curriculum developed by experts from academic medical centers and nursing schools across the country, the 网上买球软件 Nurse Residency Program supports new nurses with a comprehensive 12-month program that focuses on three critical areas: Leadership, Patient Outcomes and the Professional role. Many topics are covered including critical thinking, patient safety, communication skills, and evidence based practice.

的 curriculum offers a series of classroom, group activities, gamification and clinical experiences designed to successfully transition the new graduate nurse from beginner to clinical ladder and beyond.

If you join us, this is how we will invest in your career over the first 2 years.

Nurse Residency Development Model

New Graduate Nurses, 网上买球软件 is a great place to work!

New Graduate Nurses, 网上买球软件 is a great place to work!! We have revamped our medical-surgical orientation to support your integration as a new member of our team. 的 tiered skills acquisition model that we have adopted is supported by evidence-based best practices. Instead of incrementally increasing your patient load and expecting total care for each patient, our orientation model allows you to assume increased role responsibilities, with your preceptor, as you master skills from simple to complex. We have also increased the length of our orientation to facilitate your transition from nursing student to practicing nurse.

Benefits of Participating in 的 Nurse Residency Program

  • Promotes peer and professional socialization
  • Participation in seminars led by content experts
  • Consistent, year-long support from 网上买球软件 leadership
  • Formal orientation with a preceptor ranging from 14 weeks to 6 months depending upon unit placement
  • Earn college credit for completing program
  • Support by our Mentorship Program
  • Robust learning opportunity

Nurse Residency Candidate Requirements

  • New graduate nurses (AA, BSN and MSN) with less than one year of experience or new to acute care practice
  • Graduated from an accredited school of nursing
  • We offer an early start date that allows the graduate nurse to join our Nurse Residency Program pre-licensure
  • Two year commitment- starting from the day of hire including the completion of the Nurse Residency Program
  • 120 days to obtain Nursing License from the date of hire

Nurse Residency Program Applications

Questions should be directed to: Human Resources at 410.535.8164 or emailed to Heather Poe at 希瑟.poe@calverthealthmed.org.
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Heather Poe
Nurse Recruiter
Human Resources

电话: 410.535.8164
电子邮件: 希瑟.poe@calverthealthmed.org

Dana Rose BSN, RN
Clinical Nurse Educator
Nurse Residency Coordinator

电话: 410.535.8337
电子邮件: 丹娜.rose@calverthealthmed.org
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